When starting to never be difficult? Whether starting a career, starting a job, starting a business are the same: Nothing beautiful in this world is easy. For good results, you must trade with sweat and tears.


Almost-nobody-understands this: People give up when it’s too early.

Exercise for 1 month, no results, give up.

Trafficking in 2 months, no profit, quit.

3-month apprenticeship, no job, quit.

You can say: You are just an anonymous person, then 3 months is too long.


If you are an entrepreneur, have money, have resources, are 3 months enough to give up?

Read the lines written by self-made millionaire Gary Vaynerchuk about this!

“In early 2006, I started Wine Library TV. I enter the game very risky, and you can too.

For 18 months, I did a wine show five days a week, and nobody cared! I only have 30 to 75 views per video throughout the year.

Today I get 50 emails a day from entrepreneurs telling me: I did this, and it didn’t work. I have no motivation, should I give up, do something else?

Surely I will email back: How long have you been doing it?

They often answer: Three to four months, and I just want to say: F ​​* ck you.

You say this is your life, your job, you give up after four months ??

Have you lost your mind?

You value the power of being too patient, too low.

I did not achieve great success in the first place.

Wine Library TV didn’t take off until mid-2007, after 1 and a half years I only received a few hundred views for the show 5 days a week.

So you have to keep going, keep working. Taking a step forward is better than nothing.

Sweating at work. Work. Work!”

Gary started Wine Library TV when he was a millionaire, and Gary still needs a year and a half to make the show a success!

So, before you give up, ask yourself: How long have I tried?

If you haven’t pursued anything for 365 days, you probably should shut up.

Stop talking, be like Gary: Go on, go ahead, do it!