The Truth ‘Bout Entrepreneurship

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You said that

I will start a business!

You have a big goal.

You have many bold ideas.

You have a youthful time.

People say…

Wao, you are so brave.

God, I admire your will.

Yes, to be a man is to build a great career.


You already know all the truth?

Entrepreneur, investor, millionaire Ben Horowitz once said about the truth in his book “Arduous piles of hardship”:

“Every time I read a management book or develop myself, I tell myself: Well, that’s good, but this isn’t necessarily the hardest thing in this situation.

The difficult thing is not to set big, excited, daring goals.

The hard part is firing people when the goal fails.

The hard part is not hiring excellent employees.

The difficult thing is when that group of outstanding people starts to boast and claim unreasonable rights.

The hard thing is not the big dream.

The difficult thing is waking up in the middle of the night, breaking into a cold sweat when the dream is turning into a nightmare. ”

What is the truth, you know?

The hard part is not starting a business.

The hard part is working to exhaustion without finding a way out.

The difficult thing is today take a high interest loan to continue living tomorrow.

The difficult thing is that, even though they are silently in despair, they still have to smile up.

Do not fantasize anymore!

Be brave! Facing the truth.

Be brave! Continue to engage.

Because entrepreneurship is a struggle!


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